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109464 DELPHI Front Brake Pad Set with sensors T4 1.9TD/2.5D 00>

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Chassis number: 70-Y-000001>> onwards..

Volkswagen Transporter 1992-03  PR-1LP only

1.9TD 70, 7D ABL 8V OHC 1896 cc FWD, MTM Aug 1992 Jun 2003
2.0i 70, 7D AAC 8V OHC 1968 cc FWD, MTM + ATM Jul 1990 Jun 2003
2.4D 70, 7D AAB, AJA 10V OHC 2370 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM Sep 1990 Jun 2003
2.5D 7D AXL, AYY 10V OHC 2461 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM Apr 2001 Apr 2003
2.5i 70, 7D AAF, ACU, AE*, APL, AVT 10V OHC 2461 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM Sep 1990 Sep 2003
2.5TD TDi 70, 7D ACV, AHY, AJT, AUF, AXG, AYC 10V OHC 2461 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM Aug 1995 Jun 2003
VR6 2.8i 7D AES 12V OHC 2792 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM Jan 1996 May 2000
VR6 2.8i 7D AMV, AXK 24V DOHC 2792 cc FWD, ATM May 2000 Jun 2003


Brake pads form a vital part of the disc brake system. The friction material is applied onto the brake disc surface by the caliper pistons to generate the friction to stop the wheels turning.

Brake pads are goverened by legislation known commonly as \REGULATION 90\". They should be replaced when worn excessivley or when replacing the brake discs. Must be replaced in axle sets. Check for any other compnents to replace such as wear sensor leads or pad fitting pins.