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112002 CD Front Ball Joint-Lower Left/Right T5 03>STD

  • £1404

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7H0407361 / 7H0407361A / 7E0407361A

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VW Volkswagen Transporter (7H) 2003-09 2600KG>3000KG ONLY

1.9TD TDi 7H, 7J AXB, AXC, BRR, BRS 8V OHC 1896 cc FWD, MTM Apr 2003 Nov 2009
2.0i 7H, 7J AXA 8V OHC 1984 cc FWD, MTM Nov 2003 Nov 2009
2.5TD TDi 7H, 7J AXD, AXE, BLJ, BNZ, BPC 10V OHC 2461 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM Apr 2003 Nov 2009
3.2i 7H, 7J BDL, BKK, CFLA 24V DOHC 3189 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM Aug 2003 Nov 2009

Volkswagen Transporter (7E) 2009-14 2600KG>3000KG ONLY

2.0i 7E, 7F AXA 8V OHC 1984 cc FWD, MTM Sep 2009 Nov 2015
2.0i TSi 7E, 7F CJKA, CJKB 16V DOHC 1984 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM May 2011 Nov 2015
2.0TD TDi 7E, 7F CAA*, CCH*, CFCA, CSDA 16V DOHC 1968 cc 4x4, FWD, MTM + ATM Aug 2009 Nov 2015


Ball joints (named after their ball and socket formation) connect the suspension arms to the steering kuncle. Worn out ball joints can cause wheel misalignment and noises.