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Cooling Flange>side of HD (021121133D) 2.8 VR6 AAA

  • £900

fitting position: thermostat housing
with seal ring
thermostat cap
Golf III (1H1)  Hatchback 3/5 doors  AAA  
Passat (312 3A2)  Saloon  AAA   F:31-N-120001-> 
Passat (315 3A5)  Variant  AAA   F:31-N-120001-> 
Sharan (7M8)  Multi-purpose vehicle  AAA AAA 4Motion AMY AMY 4Motion  
T4 (7D)  Bus  AES  
Vento (1H2)  Saloon  AAA  
T4 (7D)  Box  AES  
T4 (7D)  Platform/Chassis  AES  
V-Class 638/2  Multi-purpose vehicle  638 244/294/104 900