401837 MEYLE Rear Handbrake Shoe Set Q7/Touareg 2.5D/3.0 PR-1KF – VWS Car Parts

401837 MEYLE Rear Handbrake Shoe Set Q7/Touareg 2.5D/3.0 PR-1KF

  • £2760

Original German Supplier


Audi Q7 2006-15

4.2TD TDi 4LB BTR, CCFA, CCFC 32V DOHC 4134 cc 4x4, ATM Mar 2007 Aug 2015

Mercedes-Benz GL 2006-12

GL320 3.0TD BM164.822 OM 642.940 24V DOHC 2987 cc 4x4, ATM Sep 2006 May 2009
GL450 4.7i BM164.871 M 273.923 32V DOHC 4663 cc 4x4, ATM Jan 2006 Aug 2012

Mercedes-Benz M-Class 2005-11

ML450 4.0TD BM164.128 OM 629.912 32V DOHC 3996 cc 4x4, ATM Jun 2009 Dec 2011

Mercedes-Benz R-Class 2005-

R280 3.0i W251.*54, W251.062 M 272.945 24V DOHC 2996 cc 4x4, RWD, ATM Oct 2006 Dec 2014
R280 3.0TD W251.02*, W251.12* OM 642.870, OM 642.950 24V DOHC 2987 cc 4x4, RWD, ATM May 2006 Dec 2012
R350 3.5i W251.05*, W251.*65, W251.15* M 272.967, M 276.958 24V DOHC 3498 cc 4x4, RWD, ATM Aug 2005 Dec 2014

VW Volkswagen Touareg 2003-10 PR-1KF,1KQ,2ED

2.5TD TDi 7L6, 7LA AHY, BAC, BLK, BP* 10V OHC 2461 cc 4x4, MTM + ATM Jan 2003 May 2010
3.0TD TDi 7L6, 7LA BKS, BUN, CAS*, CATA 24V DOHC 2967 cc 4x4, MTM + ATM Nov 2004 Dec 2010
3.2i 7LA AZZ, BAA, BKJ, BM*, BRJ 24V DOHC 3189 cc 4x4, MTM + ATM Nov 2002 Nov 2006
3.6i FSi 7L6, 7LA BH*, BLV 24V DOHC 3597 cc 4x4, MTM + ATM Oct 2005 Dec 2010


Brake shoes are the friction component within the drum brake system. Commonly applied as both the main rear foot brake and also the handbrake. They should be replaced when friction material is excessively worn or when contaminated by oils or brake fluids.