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(19) 110083A MEYLE HD Front Anti Roll Bar Drop Link

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Fitting Position Front Axle left and right
Rod/Strut Coupling Rod


VAG 7H0411317
VAG 7H0411317A
VAG 7H5411317
VAG 7H5411317A
VAG 7H5411317B
VAG 7H5411317D
VAG 7H5411317E


Front anti roll bar drop link. Meyle HD

The Meyle HD anti roll bar drop is an up rated version to OE spec

Ball joints are uprated from 20mm to 22m with a wear resistant plastic seat thus giving a longer service life.

T5 2003 - 2014
T6 2016 - 2020,2016 - 2020 2020

Often known as stabiliser links or droplinks, anti roll bar links connect (as the name suggest) the anti roll bar to the lower control arm in front and/or rear of the vehicle,ensuring stability of the vehicle; they come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Worn stabiliser links can lead to a rattling noise especially on the rough surfaces.